Aberdeen Pheasant Hunting

In the Northeast plains of South Dakota, there lies a vast area of land, over 322,000 acres, that is home to the world’s most prestigious hunting grounds for ring-necked pheasants. Hunters from all over the globe convene upon these grasslands every year, from October to January, to take their shot at bagging their limit of Roosters. This area is Brown County, and at the heart of it, is the city of Aberdeen.

Brown County, and the Aberdeen area, is the premiere destination for hunters of all skill levels to take part in the rich heritage that pheasant hunting in South Dakota offers. Named as one of the top producing locations to harvest roosters in South Dakota, Aberdeen also consistently ranks in the top half of locations for birds per hunter. Much of this can be attributed to the efforts of the Aberdeen Pheasant Coalition, which works in conjunction with several conservation groups and local businesses to ensure that the habitat conditions for our state bird continue to thrive, driving up the pheasant population in the region. Pheasants prefer agricultural fields, wooded draws, tree strips, wetlands and set-aside acres. Brown County, the city of Aberdeen, and the Coalition have worked hard to ensure these habitats are abundant in the area.

In 2018, a pheasant survey conducted by the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) indicated a 47% increase in the pheasant brood leading into the season. 2019 should see an even higher increase, as conservation efforts have continued to grow, as well as an over abundance of rainfall, which has led to lush habitat growth.

This is exciting news for residents and visitors of Aberdeen, a city steeped in the rich heritage of pheasant hunting. With hundreds of thousands of acres of public hunting, along with fully guided and self-guided hunts, hunters will find themselves in a pheasant hunting oasis unmatched by any other region in the country. Hunters will also find one of the state’s best assortment of pet friendly hotels, some with bird cleaning facilities available on-site.

In Aberdeen, and Brown County, the tradition and heritage of pheasant hunting is alive and thriving. Make your plans to join us this season, and continue, or create a new tradition for you and your family!

Important dates: Pheasant hunting season 2019

Open Season: October 19, 2019 – January 5, 2020

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